Warehouse & Fulfillment Services

We provide free warehousing services. Free up your space and leave the hassle of packing and shipping with us.
Stock up on your best-selling print products for fast fulfillment.

Get products shipped out to your customers as fast as on the same day.

Store the products we sourced for you at our warehouse for free, and we'll fulfill your orders for you.

Store your customized packaging and branding materials at our warehouse, we'll fulfill your orders and ship the products directly to your customers under your own brand.

Our warehouse is close to the source of goods, so you don't need to purchase large quantities of goods in order to save freight. You only need to keep the minimum inventory to ensure fast delivery.

In addition to fast delivery, the prices of our cooperative logistics companies are also very competitive, and the transportation timeliness is also guaranteed.

How does warehouse & fulfillment work?

Stock up POD Products
Stock up Sourced Products
Stock up Branding Materials

1. Choose the product you'd like to stock up at our warehouse

Keep an inventory of your most popular products.Pre-order your best sellers so you have them printed and ready to be shipped to customers around the world.

2. Bulk discount

Enjoy up to a 30% discount when you buy more than 30 pieces of one product. Colors and sizes can vary.
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3. We print and stock your products at our warehouse

We will start processing your product after you place your order. After the production is completed, store your inventory in our warehouse. This process can be as short as 3-5 days. Then your product is ready for sale.

4. Sit back while we fulfill your orders

Once a customer buys from you, we’ll pick the products from your inventory, pack them, and ship them under your brand as fast as on the same day.

In addition to POD products, we can also source other products for you from China.

We can ship the sourced products directly to you or you can use our warehouse and dropshipping services.
Our sourcing service includes searching for suppliers, checking samples, bargaining prices, taking pictures, etc. all the services you require. Just tell us what kind of product you want to source, and we will do the rest.
Free warehouse storage
Fast worldwide shipping with competitive price.
We value your customer experience and your brand image as much as you do. Create a truly unique brand experience with our branding service plus branding material storage service.
Check the branding services
You give us your requirements and the design of the branding material, we give you the quote.
You order the branding materials and stock them at our warehouse.
We will apply them when we fulfill your orders.


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