Product Development

Start a new brand or launch a new product line.

Looking to start a clothing brand or launch a new product line? We can help in every aspect of your apparel development progress such as colors, materials, cuts, accessories, and trims.

Tell us your ideas

You can visualize your product by drawing sketches for your potential products. We can hold a development kickoff meeting to set up financial targets, material and fit details and provide a project quote.

Create the tech pack

After both of us have reached a consensus on your concept, we will start the next step to make a tech pack. It is a design file that contains sketches and specifications of the products, the materials, trims, and accessories.

Prepare cut sheets

The next step in the apparel product development process is to determine all the dimensions of the product, the length, width, height, and even thickness of the apparel product. Create different measurements for different sizes (S, M, L, XL, etc.).

Make your ideas into a real product

In order to quickly complete the final confirmation of the sample and reduce the back and forth in the middle, we can confirm the details and modifications of the product through the video before sending you the final sample. This will greatly shorten the proofing process.

Mass production

After there is no objection to the sample, we will manufacture the actual products based on the comments and feedbacks given on the product sample. You are all set for mass production depending on your budget and expected product demand in the market.

Digital Model Product Picture

We also provide AI-generated digital model photo services so that you can start marketing earlier. First, we virtualize your model. Then we dress up a mannequin with your product. We will generate product pictures on the model.

Quality Control

We will inspect each clothing piece from the production batch and make sure they are all up to your standards and desired results.

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