Get Started with OVO Dropship & Print on Demand

Let's Get Started!

Step one, connect your Shopify store with OVOPrint & Dropship

Create your Shopify Store

If you haven't created your Shopify store yet, go to Shopify to get started. If you already have a Shopify store, follow the steps below to connect it with OVO Dropship & Print on Demand.

Register and Login to OVOPrint

Login to OVOprint and go to

Add the Shopify store you want to connect

Click "Settings - My Store" in the right menu bar to go to the store list page.
Click the "AddStore" button under the search box, then select "Shopify" in the pop-up window and click the "OK" button.

Enter your store name in the input box of the pop-up window. Please note: only Storename needs to be entered here, do not include

At this point, you already added your store to OVOPrint.

Authorize Your Store on Shopify

Click the "Authorize" button in the Action column of the store list and you will be directed to the OVO Dropship & Print on Demand App installment page.

Click "Install App", now you are ready to use OVO Dropship & Print on Demand App. 

Step two, add products to your store.

Design your print on demand products

Go to to find products that you want to sell in your store.
Go to the product detail page, click "Design" to design your unique product with your own design.
Click "Save" after the design is complete, and the product you just designed will be saved in "My Design".
You can go to this page to see all the products you have designed.

Publish your designed products to your Shopify store.

Click the "+" button in the "Action" column of the "My Design" page, and the product you designed will be added to the "Import List".
Go to "Product-Import list", you can edit product information before you publish them to your Shopify store.
Then you can start selling.

Step three, process your order.

After your store receives the order, the order will be automatically synchronized to OVOPrint. You can check the order synchronization status here We start processing your order after you pay for these orders. After we send out the product, the tracking information will also be automatically synchronized to your store.

If you have any questions while using our website, please Contact us.

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