Free Warehousing

OVODropship, Your Well-Organized and Secure Warehousing Expert

OVODropship streamlines warehousing service for you. In addition to FREE warehousing for you, we offer optimized and well-organized warehousing solutions. 

Stock Control
OVODropship checks and verifies detailed product quantities according to the provided data. When there are any discrepancies, we will notify you immediately.

Quality Testing
Upon your detailed requirement, OVODropship conducts a product quality test to further ensure that products are received as prescribed. 

Inventory management
Product weight and dimensions are recorded in our warehouse management system. Products are stored in an organized, appropriate, and tagged manner, and we provide you with real-time inventory management to keep you informed of your business's processes, including low-stock alerts to better prepare your business for expansion.

Permanent free storage, carefully manage your inventory and save your rent in the most cost-effective way, OVODropship will help you!

Everything You Need To Run A Dropshipping Business. Whether you are just starting out or looking for new ways to grow, OVODropship will help you start a profitable dropshipping business with no start up fee.
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