Why Should I use OVODropship?

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1. Lower price than Aliexpress: Having been cooperating with thousands of reliable suppliers in China, OVODropship is able to source over 90% of Aliexpress products. So that you can also request OVODropship to source and fulfill your Aliexpress orders. Most importantly, most of the sourced products' costs will be much lower than Aliexpress.

2. Abundant on-trend products sourcing: Not just Aliexpress, you can ask us if we can source the on-trend products that you see from any other channel. You know, a lot of products around the world are made in China. We have many very powerful and high-quality manufacturing plants, I believe we will be able to meet your needs.
3. Private Label branding service: In the fierce industry competition, setting up your own brand can help your business find a new profit increase, stand out from the competitors, and gain long-term development. We can source your existing products and label them with your logo. Custom labels, brands or logos on products, packing inserts, and custom packaging are available.
4. Faster and more reliable fulfillment and shipping: Once you have synced your order to OVODropship, we will take care of the packaging and shipping for you. OVODropship has cooperated with strong logistics for many years to provide fast and reliable logistics services to North America and Europe within 5-7 days which is much faster and more economical than Aliexpress.
5. All items in one order ship together: Some of the Aliexpress orders may have multiple items and suppliers. You need to split one order to different suppliers. Most importantly, your customer will also receive multiple packages for one order which is often not a happy experience. All orders at OVODropship will be shipped in one package.
6. Free warehouse storage: For faster fulfillment of your order, we offer free warehousing services. You can keep your best-selling products in stock in our warehouse so that we can fulfill your order as soon as it comes in. Because we are close to the source of goods and the transportation cost is very low, you do not need to buy a large amount of inventory and pay a large amount of sea and air freight in advance before you already get the order.


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