Product Sourcing

A professional dropshipping supplier is vital for your online store to get high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. OVODropship will streamline the one-stop sourcing process and ensure speed to market.

Lower Costs

Based in the south part of China, close to the world's largest sourcing destination, OVODropship makes the most of this favorable location to efficiently find suppliers and shorten the supply chain. It is for this reason that OVODropship allows you to cut off costs and maximize your profit margins.

More Resources

Using a tactical local sourcing strategy and working with reliable factories directly, OVODropship has a wealth of quality sourcing resources. So we can source millions of products in different categories manufactured in China.

A rigorous process of selection

The final supplier that we purchase the dropshipping products for you is selected strictly. All these suppliers are gone through the check of factory audits, capacity, delivery verification, policies on refunds and returns, etc. In this way,  we can provide you with thousands of high-standard certified suppliers from different industries and millions of products to satisfy your customers and boost your profit.

How to process:

Submit your sourcing request on our website.

We will find product suppliers according to your needs and return the quotation to you within 1-2 working days.

If available, we can also provide high-definition pictures of the product and basic product description, size information, etc.

If you want, we can also take pictures or videos of the product for you separately according to your request with some fees.

If you agree to the offer for the product, we can begin fulfilling your order for this product.

Everything You Need To Run A Dropshipping Business. Whether you are just starting out or looking for new ways to grow, OVODropship will help you start a profitable dropshipping business with no start up fee.
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