Bulk Order

Buy in Bulk to Enjoy a Bulk Order Discount

OVODropship has no minimum order quantity limit. You can choose the quantity according to your needs. And we also provide bulk order service for those in need. If you’re a ready-to-scale dropshipper and you feel like your online store is ready to go one step further,  placing a bulk order is probably the next step to take. The OVODropship bulk order service will enable you to have better profit margins and a chance to scale your business.

When we source the products, the bulk quantity will facilitate us to negotiate the price with the factories or suppliers to finally lower the cost. As we know, the products shipped out in bulk quantity will cost much less shipping expense than separately shipping. In addition, OVODropship will have stricter quality control for bulk orders to ensure the products' quality.

In a word, placing bulk order will enable you to enjoy a bulk order discount price, top-notch quality, and reliable shipping. If you have stable sales through your eCommerce store and you wish to avoid any out-of-stock issues, OVODropship recommends you to have an inventory of your best-selling product.

How to buy in bulk with OVODropship?

  1. Contact us to submit a bulk order request.
  2. We give you a quotation with the best discount.
  3. You make the payment.
  4. We buy bulk from factories.
  5. We conduct strict inspections on products.
  6. We ship to anywhere you ask.
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